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The Jumbroni: A Pizza-Sized Pepperoni

Jumbroni 1

I love solving problems.

Somehow I got a really different way of looking at things, which often turns in to so-called "outside the box" problem solving skills. I almost always breakdown everything in life to simple problem-solution and feature-benefit equations. So here is a solution to a pizza problem that is a free idea/request/bookmark to all the pizza companies out there looking for the next "stuffed crust idea":

Problem: I want pepperoni in every bite of every slice of pizza that I eat. More often than not, some kid is making my pizza and throwing pepperoni on there semi-uniformly at best. Whats worse is when they go cheap by putting only a single pepperoni on each slice. A quick Google shows that I am not alone in my discontent.

Solution: A pepperoni the same diameter as the pizza itself. Imagine the possibilities! How could that be messed up when making the pizza. How much time could that save on making a pizza to just add one massive pepperoni. The bean counters need to figure all that out, but I would purchase this product. And think of the marketing possibilities. Dominos or Pizza Hut could offer the "Superoni" or "Jumboroni" for an additional cost and guarantee pepperoni in every bite. Get Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson behind it and we can call it simply the "Jumbroni". I know that the part about The Rock is a stretch.

Get to work pizza companies; I'm hungry.