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First Shotover U1 Drone Available For Rent in USA


Shotover u1Pro-Cam is proud to offer the world's first professional grade unmanned aerial system (UAS) specifically designed for broadcast and motion pictures: The Shotover U1 drone and G1 gimbal.

The new motion picture-quality platform sets a new standard for drone cinematography and imaging as the first solution to accommodate the industry's most advanced payloads including the 6K RED Weapon, ARRI Alexa Mini, Phantom Flex4K and Sony F55 cameras and the Canon 17-120mm, Fujinon 85-300 and Optimo 28-76 lenses, with up to 120mm of gyro-stabilization, allowing productions to employ the same professional grade cameras and lenses they choose for their principal photography.Shotover u1g

Other U1 features include redundant flight controls to ensure continuous operation by giving pilots the ability to quickly switch to a back-up flight controller, redundant battery systems with on screen feedback of cell voltage and capacity allows the pilot to turn off a failed battery cell and get the ship home safely, customized downlink with two HD video feeds, and the G1's unparalleled stability even at full zoom with 10X more pan motor torque than prosumer gimbals.



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