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Everything in the world can and will be made better

Whoa Keanu Reeves

“Everything in the world can and will be made better, the question is by whom.” – Jim Jannard, RED Digital Cinema in Side by Side

Just before heading to the NAB Show, the annual National Association of Broadcasters event, I queued up Keanu Reeves’ 2012 documentary Side by Side. The film had been waiting for me in the Instant Queue since its release and the eve of NAB, where storytelling via digital and emerging technology takes center stage, made it a relevant and interesting watch. Side by Side looks at digital versus traditional film from the filmmakers’ perspective, and there are some stellar sound bites from majors in the business who are setting new standards for innovating digital cinema.


The perspective that interests me most, as a film producer and content creator, is that of the audience, who collectively have unlimited access to endless choices for how and when they experience content. Because when we set the art and technology aside, the success and failure of both is determined by how well the stories we tell connect with the audiences who watch them.

Modern audiences demand more. With more control over how and when they consume media, from movies and television programs to advertising and editorial, audiences want new and individualized experiences offering deeper levels of engagement. Audiences have a healthy appetite for sensory engagement that immerses them deeper into stories, weaving art and reality through emerging technology and connecting their lives to narratives.

Experience Media Studios launched its latest technology innovation, 3DPOV, at the 2013 NAB Show this week. The patent-pending 3DPOV system is a pioneering new solution for capturing, delivering, and experiencing immersive media. We developed the technology with the viewer in mind. 3DPOV delivers entertainment that goes far beyond just watching.

Experience Media Studios’ 3DPOV® system enables the capture of a three-dimensional visual and auditory experience from the first-person perspective. 3DPOV® media delivers a higher level of sensory engagement than virtual reality that replicates a true-to-life binocular and peripheral visual field and a stereophonic auditory experience. The system also captures GPS coordinates and altitude information to further augment reality, which has solid implications for advertising as well.

About the same time Side by Side was released, Latitude, a research consultancy, published the first installment of a study titled “The Future of Storytelling”. (Check it out here.) The new epoch of storytelling, for entertainment, advertising, and learning, is about immersion, interaction, integration, and impact. Putting the audience in the first-person perspective and delivering content that is a sensory experience is exactly what 3DPOV does. One of the most exciting aspects of 3DPOV is the ability for the audience to inject themselves and participate in the narrative – it’s “choose your own adventure” with a twist.

We aren’t in a stage of conjecture, trying to guess at what audiences want. They are making their interests perfectly clear. And, as an independent media company we can adapt and innovate to marry art and technology to meet their demands.