Brooks McBeth: This Ain’t Shakespeare

TAS Cover

Genre: Comedy
Type: 1-Hour Special

Two full sets from two of the country’s top comedians being filmed for a special – Brooks McBeth with special guest Joel McHale!

Whether it’s working as a staff writer on such hit shows as FOX’s MAD TV, Comedy Central’s TRIGGER HAPPY TV, CON, and ALMOST LIVE! Or performing stand up around the country, Brooks McBeth is one of those comedians who seem to find the line of decency and then stomps all over it.

Joel McHale is an American comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, television producer, and television personality. He is best known for hosting The Soup and for his role as Jeff Winger on the NBC comedy series Community. He voiced the character of “Elliot” in Open Season 2,[3] (replacing Ashton Kutcher), and has appeared in such feature films as Spider-Man 2, Ted and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.


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