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Pro-Cam specializes in camera movement technologies, offering the entertainment industry the largest and most diverse inventory of unmanned aerial systems (drones), telescoping cranes, remote heads, and stabilized systems accessories in eight full service locations throughout the United States and Canada.

As Chief UAS Pilot for Pro-Cam, I am fortunate to travel the world filming Hollywood movies and television shows with drones. As a Colorado resident I enjoy working near home and in the surrounding areas to capture the state’s natural beauty, participate in the local economy, and keep my piloting skills sharp.

As both a manned and unmanned pilot with special FAA drone permissions (night, indoor/outdoor) as well as 20 years of camera experience, I pay close attention to positioning the drone in unique places to create dynamic shots. Known for specialized shots using state-of-the-art drone equipment and techniques, I provide clients with a visual experience that only an individual with years of entertainment industry experience and pilot qualifications can provide.

Before each shoot I plan missions by checking safety, weather and airspace, as well as pre-visualizing what I want to shoot, the area obstacles, and proper lighting from the sun in virtual reality. It gives me a sense of what I will be able to shoot before ever launching the drone.

Drones offer broadcasters an enticing option for live coverage of sports, weather events, natural disasters, and hazardous areas of interest. Drones literally deliver a new angle on the big story.

Of course, for any drone to be an effective option for aerial ENG, it must be able to deploy and transmit footage back to the broadcaster in real time. My ability to live stream quality HD video in a matter of minutes is one of my core abilities.

Aerial videography and photography is ideal for every venue and planner who is hoping to capture their special events with spectacular 4k resolution cinematography.

Whether the special event will be taking place at a beach, park, garden, country club, resort or another special location, I will work with you to capture each moment and create breathtaking memories!

I deliver aerial images and videos of properties to help real estate professionals sell.

The use of drones supports real estate agents ability to show the prospect aerial and internal images of residential and commercial properties and nearby amenities. Agents will be able to show interested buyers an overview of the property, where a home is located in proximity to amentities and natural settings, allowing the video to sell the property.

Builders are able to capture and share construction progress to stakeholders keeping them engaged in the process at every level and milestone.

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted me a blanket special authorization waiver to conduct UAS night flight operations, allowing me to legally and safely fly drones beyond the set limits of FAA Rule 107 (which explicitly prohibits unmanned night flight) not only to capture aerial imagery, but also special circumstance missions such as search and rescue.

When time is off the essence, I can launch a search mission at a moment’s notice.

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