The Jumbroni: A Pizza-Sized Pepperoni

I love solving problems. Somehow I got a really different way of looking at things, which often turns in to so-called “outside the box” problem solving skills. I almost always breakdown everything in life to simple problem-solution and feature-benefit equations. So here is a solution to a pizza problem that is a free idea/request/bookmark to all the pizza companies out there looking for the next “stuffed crust idea”: This is a preview of The Jumbroni: A Pizza-Sized Pepperoni. Read the full post (244 words, 1 image, estimated 59 secs reading time)

Tricycle Triumph

This is *literally* a two-minute video of my daughter riding her tricycle. My cinematic home video is a product of being on kid watch, creative inspiration, boredom, a GoPro, bike mount, drone, and some epic stock music for good measure. It’s been a while since I personally picked up a camera and framed a shot. So I thought I would capture the bright, beautiful fall Saturday while the kids rode their bikes around the neighborhood. What started as a simple point-and-shoot turned in to a full on 2 hour production with coverage, which is sort of my M.O when it comes to creativity. Fortunately, my kids have been groomed for being in front of the camera and accommodating a demanding director dad. Permanent link to this post (123 words, estimated 30 secs reading time)

Big Rascal Mc Snuggles

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Freedom of Flight

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