Pro-Cam Receives FAA Night Flight Waiver

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Pro-Cam a blanket special authorization waiver to conduct UAS night flight operations.

Pro-Cam Expands Drone Fleet

Gryphon Dynamics and Pro-Cam Rentals announced a long term agreement for Gryphon to deliver ready-to-fly heavy lifter UAVs from their newly launched U.S. service and support center to expand Pro-Cam’s drone fleet.

First Shotover U1 Drone Available For Rent

Pro-Cam is proud to offer the world's first professional grade unmanned aerial system (UAS) specifically designed for broadcast and motion pictures: The Shotover U1 drone and G1 gimbal.

Pro-Cam Aerials Receives 333

Pro-Cam has received authorization from the FAA to commercially operate drones for aerial cinematography and data capture.

Pro-Cam Launches Aerial Division

Pro-Cam is launching a new aerial division to supply the broadcast and motion picture industry with the first SHOTOVER U1 unmanned aerial systems.

Why Net Neutrality is Important to Storytellers and Their Audiences

UPDATE: The President has made a statement in support of Net Neutrality. Please read about his plan on the White House website.

Everything in the world can and will be made better

“Everything in the world can and will be made better, the question is by whom.” – Jim Jannard, RED Digital Cinema in Side by Side   Just before heading to the NAB Show, the annual National Association of Broadcasters event, I queued up Keanu Reeves’ 2012 documentary Side by Side. The film had been waiting for me in the Instant Queue since its release and the eve of NAB, where storytelling via digital and emerging technology takes center stage, made it a relevant and interesting watch. Side by Side looks at digital versus traditional film from the filmmakers’ perspective, and there are some stellar sound bites from majors in the business who are setting new standards for innovating digital cinema. This is a preview of Everything in the world can and will be made better. Read the full post (503 words, estimated 2:01 mins reading time)

Piracy Is Not Theft

I came across this “handy little guide” on the web a few days ago. People who consume illegal digital content such as movies, music, and eBooks usually have the same piracy argument that “media conglomerates can afford to take a few million less in profits,” justified by the philosophy that if a content creator has media that is duplicated yet the original left in place, then nothing has actually been stolen from the copyright owner. I’d like to make a case for the independent media producers, and financiers who support their artistic endeavors in bringing entertainment experiences to audiences. This is a preview of Piracy Is Not Theft. Read the full post (520 words, 2 images, estimated 2:05 mins reading time)