3DPOV® System V1

Experience Media Studios presents its patent-pending 3-dimensional point of view (3DPOV®) media to capture and deliver totally immersed individualized experiences, as ideal for simulations and training as for entertainment and advertising. The 3DPOV® system enables the three dimensional recording of a visual and auditory experience from the first-person perspective for playback as a single clip or as part of a complex mapped simulation.

3DPOV® is a digital universe where you engage with 3D video like nothing you have experienced before. Get immersed with a more in-depth sensory connection, experiencing professionally-created visuals and sound captured from a first-person perspective. With every clip you watch, you feel part of it. By experiencing the world through a different point of view, you will learn from others, gain a deeper connection to humankind, broaden your perspective, and develop the context to help transform our collective futures.

Unlike, virtual reality – or even augmented reality – where those technologies modify the environment, 3DPOV® brand media absorbs the viewer into the experience.

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